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Department of veterinary and sanitary examination

The Department of Meat Studies was organized in November 1918, the first head of which was a lecturer P.V. Bekensky. He possessed great erudition and a bright mind and in 1920 became a professor and was transferred to the Leningrad Veterinary Institute. The staff of the department carried out research work on issues of meat and fish products assessment, meat of forcedly killed animals suffered from infectious diseases, also developed ways of preserving meat, studied technology and physical and chemical properties of catgut, the tongue output of slaughtered animals and poultry output under battery farming.

Teachers of the department in recent years developed and published a complete set of educational materials on veterinary-sanitary examination of meat, milk, meat and dairy products, fish, honey, eggs and vegetable products. This literature is used to prepare students for a number of specialties, "Veterinary medicine" "Veterinary-sanitary examination," "Standardization, Certification," "Technology of production and processing / agricultural products", "Animal Science" and the listeners of training faculty.