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Department of Pharmacology

In the early years a great scholar of the late XIX and early XX century, one of the founders of experimental pharmacology Ivan M. Dogel read the lectures to the students of the Academy on the theoretical part of the pharmacy and composition. During the years of his work here I.M. Dogel, making extensive use of comparative anatomy and comparative physiology methods, studied the body of animals in their natural state and under the influence of various drugs.

It is difficult to overestimate the practical importance of the textbooks published at the Department for technical schools: "Pharmacology of the recipe" (1981 and 1986) by Professor D.K. Chervyakova; handbooks "Drugs in fur farming" (1986) and "The veterinary-sanitary measures in fur farming" (1989) by Professor. F.G. Nabiev, a textbook for high schools "Veterinary Toxicology" (1987) by Professor. V.N. Loktionov, etc.

An important research direction of the Department was the development of prevention and treatment of animals' toxicoses and to improve the health environment. In this direction, much work has been done by Prof. Loktionov. He has published several textbooks dedicated to the preservation of ecological balance in nature: "Pesticides and possible poisoning of animals" (1973),"Environment and animal toxicosis" (1989), etc.

Lecture and laboratory courses are provided with new developed items and textbooks, workbooks and teaching aids: a two-volume reference book "Medicinal Drugs for Veterinary" (Kazan, 2000.Authors F.G. Nabiev, R.N. Akhmadeev), "Workshop on Veterinary Composition and the Basics of Drug Technology "(Kazan, 2004. Authors: F.G. Nabiev, E.I. Yamaev, Z.R. Sungatova), "Workshop on Veterinary Pharmacology "(Kazan, 2006. Author F.G. Nabiev ),"Pharmacognosy "(Kazan, 2006. Author R.N. Akhmadeev ), "Workshop on Veterinary Composition with the Fundamentals of Pharmaceutical Experience" (Moscow, 2007. Authors: F.G. Nabiev, E.I. Yamaev) and others.