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Department of Pathological Physiology

The subject of Pathology was established at the Academy around 1899.

There have been studies on the biochemistry and genetics of a number of pathogens zooantroponozes, developed a method of obtaining anthrax allergen and diagnostic bacilli carrier; technology of live and inactivated vaccines against salmonella and listeria, accelerated methods of indication and identification of pathogens of brucellosis, listeriosis, anthrax, tuberculosis, Chlamydia and salmonella in based on radioimmunoassay, gel electrophoresis, immunoblot, genomic "fingerprinting" and the polymerase chain reaction.

In recent years the Department staff's research is devoted to the study of the animal certain organs pathological physiology and systems under the influence of pathogens, biological agents and feed additives. Since 2009 the study of biological and physical and chemical properties of the saliva of productive farm animals under normal and various pathological conditions(infection, parasites) has begun. Also the means that stimulate natural resistance, correcting metabolic disorders, conducting prophylaxes of forage toxicosis, providing treatment for burns in animals are developed and conducted.