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Department of foreign languages

Latin and foreign languages have been taught for the students of the Academy since its foundation.

The Department of Foreign Languages is subdivided into 5 units:

  • of the Russian language ( N.F. Basharova and E. Yu. Kiselyova);
  • of the Tatar language (L.S. Miftakhova and G.Kh. Yakupova)
  • of the Latin language ( L.F. Satiyeva and R.R. Zalaltdinova);
  • of the English language ( A.V. Fakhrutdinova, T.S. Gorbunova, A.T. Khusayiniva, N.O. Samarkina, M.A. Mifodyeva, A.V. Nekhayev, G.F. Dulmukhametova, M.V. Boldyreva, I.V. Almukhametova);
  • of the German language (R.M. Shakirzyanova).

The teachers of the Department work actively on the following scientific and practical topic: "The development of social and cultural and professional competences in teaching the official and foreign languages".

Research at the Department is being conducted in three areas:

  • Current status and prospects for improving the educational process within the school - university link.
  • The role of foreign language training in the veterinary college.
  • The place and importance of foreign languages ??in the educational process of humanization in higher educational institutions (the aspects of methodology, linguistics and sociology).

The Department is also responsible for the international relations of the Academy with other Universities and colleges. For instance, with the Chinese institutions (the official coordinator to work with the Chinese partners Mr. Wei Huang).