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Department of Veterinary Surgery

Department of Veterinary Surgery was organized in 1876. It is one of the oldest major clinical departments and gives the students professional knowledge and skills to treat infected animals surgically.

Five independent subjects are being taught at the Department: operative surgery, general animal surgery, private (regional) surgery, a veterinary ophthalmology and veterinary orthopedics.

The research work of the department aims to:

  • develop the methods for procaine blockade of the thoracic sympathetic innervations, as special (effective) method of pathogenetic therapy of various animal non-communicable and infectious lung diseases. This trend has been widely recognized in veterinary medicine and included in all the textbooks and manuals and in 1999 the State Prize of the Republic of Tatarstan in the field of science and technology was awarded for research in this area;
  • search and study the new high-performance drugs (mefopran, dimefosfon, staphylococcal anatoxin and antitoxin, anolyte and catholyte EHAR 0.3% sodium chloride solution, Naftalan oil, ozone therapy (medical ozone), tissue VION KN-1 and AC-1);
  • search and study new methods of physiotherapy (laser beams, Bioptron lamps, the use of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation of extremely haigh-frequency range for the treatment and irradiation of solutions for later use for therapeutic purposes);
  • use the biologically active points for the treatment of animals and prevention of animal diseases;

Since 1984 the department led by Professor M. Sh. Shakurov has trained 7 doctors and 25 candidates of sciences. Since that time 12 patents and copyright certificates, 17 certificates of rationalization proposals has been received for research and development.