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Department of Veterinary Anatomy

A large role in the development of anatomy played a school of Kazan Veterinary Anatomy, created by Professor L.A. Tretyakov, which became a training center for anatomical staff. Disciples of the Kazan Veterinary Anatomists School have always been prominent representatives at the departments in the major Russian universities and are the leading veterinary morphologists of the country.

The Department of Anatomy was established in 1874 by a graduate of Medical-Surgical Academy Professor S.A. Strzhedzinskiy, who headed the department until 1881.They laid the foundation for an anatomical museum, where were made first anatomical specimen with the help of students, and later professors of G. A. Chulovskiy and G.O. Gumilevskiy.

The Department continued to develop the study of the morphology of the peripheral nervous system of animals, fur animals, birds, and the influence of the environmental factors. Formulation and solution of such a spectrum of scientific problems and combining them into a single problem gave the significant results. They have published about 100 scientific papers, including 15 teaching aids.