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Department of Biology and Ecology

Department of Biology and Ecology (up to 2010 Department of Zoology) - this is one of the oldest departments of the Academy. It was founded in 1881 on the basis of zootomy office.

The main subjects taught at the department:
"Biology"; "Biology with the ecology fundamentals"; "Zoology", "Ecology," "Pisciculture" and "Apiculture" with specializations in: "Biology and pathology of bees", "Technology of honey and bee products," "The technology of fish and fish products" and in-depth study of "Invertebrate Zoology" and "Vertebrate Zoology" with the students of the Kazan school № 15.

The Department staff carries out the research in the area of the micromorphology and histochemistry of bees and bee breeding improvement in the Republic of Tatarstan", actively cooperates in the implementation of the priority areas for the protection of the gene pool of a local population of the Central Russian beebreeding and improvement, conducting research on the use of biologically active substances in the fur-farming and the study of birds parasitic.

In recent years the Department staff has obtained a patent on the drug for bees treatment from aspergillosis and askosferozis bees, a reasonable proposal, two recommendations, have published 63 works, including 17 guidelines and handbooks. The staff has repeatedly participated in the competition "50 innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan", in International Symposium, Congress, international and Russian scientific and practical conferences.

At the department there is a research student club headed by Associate Professor O.S. Anisina where the students acquire skills in research, not only to learn the methods of the experiments, but to get the hang of summarizing their results. The accumulated material the students issue in the form of articles and competitive works.

The career guidance with students is carried out at the Department. And not only during in-depth Biology studying with the students of the Kazan School 15, but also during the annual city public pupils environmental forum "Zilant", open scientific pupils' conferences "The World of Science", where our teachers are the jury participants each year, during the "Open Door Days" to conduct tours in the zoological museum of the Department and during travel to the districts of the Republic of Tatarstan.