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Department of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products Technology

The department was established in 2007 by a decision of the KSAVM Academic Council and Rector's at the Department of Botany and Fodder, which was founded in 1930.

The Department staff conducts a focused educational and methodical work of excellence for agricultural specialists: veterinarians, zoo-engineers and agricultural technologists.

The following subjects are being taught at the Department:

  1. Botany
  2. Fundamentals of Botany
  3. Plant Physiology
  4. Fodder Production with the Agronomy Fundamentals
  5. Basic Research in Agronomy
  6. Crop Production
  7. Arable Farming with the Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry Fundamentals
  8. Fodder Production
  9. Plant Protection
  10. Fundamentals of Biotechnology in Agricultural Products Processing
  11. Storage Technology, Processing and Standardization of Crop Products
  12. Botany with the Basics of Fodder Production.

The Department staff carries out the research work on "The Development of efficient production technology and improving the quality of agricultural products." The energy saving technologies of environmentally friendly animal production and crop production, using local raw materials, have been developed and implemented in the production.