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Department of Physics and Mathematics

In 1931 an independent course in physics was established in Kazan Veterinary Institute .The first head of the course (from 1931 to 1941) was A.G. Artemyev. Teachers of physics and mathematics from the Kazan State University were teaching Physics at the beginning. In 1946, the head of an independent course in physics was A.Ya. Nikiforov. In 1951 he organized the Department of Physics.

Currently, the department conducts training of full-time and part-time students of at all the faculties of the Academy in: "Physics", "Physics with Biophysics Fundamentals", "Higher Mathematics" and "Physical Basis of Measurement".

The department effectively carried out the research to develop methods and techniques of spectral analysis of biological objects, development of scientific, methodological and technical foundations of the artificial biogeocoenosis study, optimization of the educational process. Currently, the department has developed and successfully implementing an innovative didactic system of physical and mathematical training of veterinary school students.