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Department of Metrology and Quality Management

The educational process at the department includes the study of the following subjects:

  • Qualimetry and quality management;
  • The general theory of measurement;
  • Standardization, certification of raw materials and food;
  • Methods and tools for measuring, testing and control;
  • Statistical methods for monitoring and quality control;
  • Introduction to Speciality;
  • Quality Systems;
  • Technology of standards development and regulatory documentation;
  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification;
  • Protection of intellectual property and patenting.

Scientific work at the Department conducted in the following areas:

  • development and improvement of legal base of the food industry;
  • scientific bases of quality formation and food safety development on the basis of qualification metric forecasting;
  • scientific bases of designing regulatory and technical documents in the food industry development;
  • establishment of quality management systems for specific food industries;
  • development of the objective function of quality in the new products designing;
  • systems of food safety management establishment based on the HACCP principles;
  • new methods of measuring quality and food safety development;
  • use a process approach to managing the food quality.