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Department of Management and Information Technology

In 1998, on the basis of computers laboratory the Department of Veterinary and Animal Computerization was established under the guidance of Associate Professor Yu.N. Sukhanov. Since February 1999 the head is Professor N.M. Vasilevsky.

In January 2001 in order to improve the training of zoo veterinarians in the economy and information, effective use of computer technology, production of teaching learning process in the modern framework by combining the Department of Veterinary and Animal Computerization and the Department of Economics and Marketing in Agriculture a new Department of Economics and Computerization of Agriculture has been created. Its new name the Department received in 2007.

The teaching process is carried out at the Department for the following subjects:

  1. Courses on entrepreneurship in the agricultural sector - Entrepreneurship in Agriculture; Management in Agricultural Production; Management and Marketing; Marketing in Agriculture; Theory and Practice of Market Economy.
  2. Courses on information technology - Computer Science; Computer Technology in Veterinary Medicine; Information Technology in Animal Science; Statistical Software Systems; Information Technology in Veterinary Medicine.

The Department staff carries out the research work on "The effective use of innovative energy and information technologies in animal husbandry and veterinary medicine". They have developed and applied in the production the automated systems for recording and analysis of anti-epizootic measures and determine their effectiveness in a rural area.