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Department of Farm Animals Feeding

Department of Farm Animals Feeding was established in the Kazan Veterinary Institute in 1939. Until that time it was situated on the education farm of the Kazan Agricultural Institute.

The main research of the department staff was in studying various forms of chemical compounds to increase the productivity and natural resistance of animals to adverse external influences. Also the questions of growing calves, the organization of rational feeding of animals were developed.

The department staff is constantly working on to improve the methods of teaching the course "Animal Nutrition", conducts research on the rational use of various additives in the diets of farm animals to increase their productivity and get environmentally friendly and animal products of full value. Also the staff regularly assists the agricultural production.

The Department staff has received 10 author's certificates and 21 Certificates of Improvements; 5 doctorskaya and 18 kandidatskaya theses have been defended; over 500 scientific papers have been published.