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Department of Genetics and Breeding of farm animals

The Department was established in 1965. The following subjects are aught at the department: breeding and farm animals' genetics. The training of zoo-breeders is also carried out at the Department.

The scientific research of the department is devoted to studying the genetics of milk proteins, breeding of dairy cattle to increase the protein content and improve the technological properties of milk, improving existing and creating new breeds of farm animals. With the participation of department members a new type of dairy cattle is launched - the Tatarstansky with the genetic potential milk productivity of 6,000 kg. The department is a great help for farmers in organizing and conducting breeding work with farm animals. The Department staff has developed more than 20 programs of breeding -breeding in dairy and beef cattle in the Republic of Tatarstan. In recent years the Department staff has published 16 books, monographs, brochures, and 14 patents of the inventions. 3 Doctors and 14 Candidates of Biological Sciences have been trained at the Department.