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Department of Philosophy and History

Teaching social sciences and humanities at KVI-KSAVM began as separate courses in 1920: 1920/21 academic year - Political economy, 1924/25 academic year - Philosophy, 1925/26 academic year - The foundations of public and commercial law, trade union movement, the Soviet economy and economic policy, as well as the history of the revolutionary movement of the CPSU (b) and the principles of Leninism. The Faculty of Social Sciences from the Kazan University gave substantial assistance to ensure their teaching at the Academy as well as the association for the study of social sciences at universities in Kazan. One of the initiators of social and humanitarian education of future veterinarians was Boris Ye. Budde, the deputy Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Professor of the Department of State and the local economy at Kazan State University. With his active participation in KVI the office of political science was established, converted into the department of social and political subjects in 1929, which is considered to be the beginning of the current history of the Department of philosophy and history.

The Department has focused its efforts on developing the complex problem of"Social and human sciences and education in the agricultural college".

The investigated problem consists of two questions:

  • Biology in the context of contemporary philosophy of science.
  • The study of social and humanitarian disciplines taking into account the structure of the agricultural college. All the teachers of the department are involved in the scientific development and the subjects of their research were directly integrated into the learning process, receiving a practical output.