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Department of Economics and Business Management

Initially the Department of Agricultural Economics was established in 1934 by Associate Professor N.N. Stavrakov, but not well developed, was closed in 1939. Thoroughly the Department was formed in 1954.

The subjects taught at the Department:

  • Agricultural Economics;
  • Economic theory;
  • Economics, organization and management of agricultural production;
  • Analysis of Agricultural production;
  • Organization and planning of agricultural production;
  • Organization of enterprises and entrepreneurship in agribusiness;
  • Economics of quality, standardization and certification;
  • Price formation;
  • Accounting;
  • Statistics;
  • Fundamentals of accounting and finance in agriculture;
  • Taxation;
  • Jurisprudence.

The main activities of the Department:

The effective use of innovative resource-saving technologies in meat and poultry industry, including:

  • Cost management and quality of poultry products;
  • The effectiveness of premixes, selenium-enriched feed for turkeys;
  • The effectiveness of Tatarstan natural agricultural minerals in animal husbandry;
  • Justification of organizational and technological factors for turkeys growing;
  • Economic efficiency of feed additives in turkey meat production;
  • Study of theoretical and methodological foundations of crisis management of insolvent institutions in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Advice on agricultural enterprises bankruptcy and the development plans for the external control;
  • Providing the consulting services on economic issues.