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The Faculty of Biotechnology and Standardisation

The Dean - R. A. Asrutdinova

The faculty was established in 2006 after the merging of Zooengineering Faculty opened in 1930 and the Faculty of Standardization and Certification, formed in 2001.

By the decision of the People's Commissariat of the USSR in order to strengthen the economic training of workers in agriculture, in June 1930 the Zootechnical Faculty was established. The founder of the Kazan school of livestock is a talented teacher and scholar, Professor Ivan P. Popov, who had organized an independent department of animal husbandry and was its first manager from 1881 to 1927. A large contribution to the development of zootechnical science in Tatarstan made a student of PP Popov, Honored Worker of Science of Tatarstan, doctor of agricultural Sciences, Prof. I. Syrnev. He headed the department of animal husbandry from 1927to 1953 and did much for the growth of scientific personnel and the organization of breeding work on commercial farms of the Republic.


  • 110 401 - "Animal Science" with specializations in "Livestock Management", "Dairy products production and processing technology", "Meat and eggs production and processing technology";
  • 653 800 - "Standardization and Certification" specializing "Standardization and certification in the food industry";
  • 110 305 - "Agricultural products production and processing technology" with specialization in "The technology of animal products processing".

Since this academic year a two-level system of education have started:

  • 111 100 Animal Science: Bachelor;
  • 221 700 Standardization and metrology: Bachelor;
  • 110 900 Production and processing technology of agricultural products: Bachelor.

93 people of teaching staff work at the 13 departments of the Faculty. Among them 80 people have academic titles and degrees, including 23 Doctors of Sciences, 11 professors, 57 Candidates of Sciences.

The teaching is conducted in accordance with state educational standards. The advanced republic agribusiness companies are used for the students practice.

Only in the last 5 years, the faculty members have published more than a thousand scientific papers, published 11 monographs, 23 textbooks and manuals, workshops, 5 e-textbooks, 119 teaching materials, received six patents for the inventions and 14 kandidatskaya and 6 doctorskaya theses have been defended.

Department of Biological and Inorganic Chemistry
Department of Genetics and Breeding of farm animals
Department of Zoohygiene
Department of Biology and Ecology
Department of Farm Animals Feeding
Department of Mechanization
Department of Management and Information Technology
Department of Metrology and Quality Management
Department of Livestock Technology
Department of Production and Processing of Agricultural Products Technology
Department of Philosophy and History
Department of Physics and Mathematics
Department of Economics and Business Management