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Bauman Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine

General Information

The chief organization: the Agriculture Ministry of Russian Federation
Subordination: federal

Kazan Veterinary Institute named after N. E. Bauman was established in 1873. In 1986 it was renamed in Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. The academy is one of the oldest higher educational institutions and the center of veterinary science in Russia. For the years of its existence the academy has obtained worldwide distinction and recognition having made a great contribution to the training of veterinarians and animal technicians for national economy demands. It has been playing an important role in the development of veterinary, biological and agricultural sciences and in providing higher educational institutions of our country with scientific and pedagogical staff. During these years it has trained more than 22 thousand veterinary surgeons and animal technicians. In 1984 its scientific sector was reorganized into Kazan Research Institute of Veterinary Medicine.

Such famous scientists as M.G. Tushnov, A.V. Nedachin, A.M. Dobrohodov, A.A. Lushchikov, P.A. Nuzhdin, L.M. Krapivnev, M.N. Nikolsky, N.M. Vlasov, N.M. Shpayer, M.S. Ganushkin, K.I.Borkovsky, V.M. Lekarev, S.A.Anechkin, N.I.Titov and many others studied and worked here.

For more than 130 years of its history following scientific schools were founded: the school of anatomy and neuromorphology by Pr L.Y.Tretyakov and N.A.Vasnetsov, the school of pathologic anatomy by Pr K.T.Boll, the school of epizootology by Pr H.T. Gizatullin, the school of obstetrics and gynecology by Pr A.N. Studentsov, the school of physiopathology by Pr N.A.Krylov, the school of pharmacology by Pr N.A. Soshestvensky, the school of surgery by Pr L.A. Sapozhnikov and B.M.Olivkov, the school of therapeutics byPr N.P.Ruhlyadov and G.V. Domrachev.

At present time there are 3 faculties, 28 deparments, an experimental training farm, administrative, community and sport facilities. Students take courses on 3 specialities and 6 specializations. Our highly qualified academic staff provides future experts with good training according to the requirements of professional and educational programmes. Over 200 teachers give lectures and practical lessons, 156 (71,2%) among them have academic ranks and degrees of sciences, 40 of them (25,6%) are doctors and professors. The realization of educational programmes is facilitated with appropriate methodological and informational supplement which is based on the use of both traditional and modern teaching technologies. The academy also retrains and raises the level of specialist's qualification of experts in agriculture and veterinary medicine, teachers of colleges and institutes and leaders of authorities. There are well-equipped laboratories with technical teaching devices, rooms of machine milking, electric equipment, feed preparing, computer classrooms, physiotherapy, orthopedics, x-ray, electronic microscopy rooms and anatomic, zoological, parasitological, pharmacological museums for students. The international department carries out organization and development of international cooperation in educational and scientific areas with DAAD (German Academic Exchange Services), the International Academic Community (New York City), the Netherlands International Association, the International Network for Humane Education "Interniche". The academy provides training for veterinarians and postgraduate students from neighboring countries (Ukraine, Moldova, Tajikistan) and abroad (some African republics, Egypt, Korea, Israel and others).

Адрес: 420074, Казань, Сибирский тракт, 35